Youth Club Details

Great Bridge has one of the most active wrestling programs in the state. Youth wrestlers begin at 1st Grade and continue through elementary and intermediate school. The kids are well coached and learn the fundamentals of the sport. This year we had several Great Bridge Alumni, ODU and Virginia Tech graduates and even our High School staff regularly in the room working with the kids. Several of our youth coaches were All-American in college.

The youth division competes in local tournaments on a regular basis where they can test the skills they have learned in the room.

The youth division is where it all begins.

What should you bring to practice?

    Water bottle
  • Wrestling Shoes
  • Headgear
  • A mouthpiece (required for all kids with braces, optional for all others).
  • Wrestlers should wear shorts/sweatpants without metal snaps/buckles.
  • Please bring a jacket for your wrestler to wear after practice.
  • Please label your gear with your name.


If you are a Novice/New wrestler (under 1 year exp.)

~Practice will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-8pm at the Great Bridge High School Wrestling Room. You will need to purchase an AAU Membership Card to be able to practice. (See Important Links tab) Please wear athletic wear (t-shirt/shorts/sweats) and wrestling shoes to practice. You can purchase wrestling shoes online or at most sporting goods stores. Please sign your wrestler IN and OUT at the door of the wrestling room each night. Parents are welcome to stay and watch practice. If you are dropping your child off, please notify one of the coaches.

~Tournaments are held on Saturdays and or Sundays. Speak with the coaches about when the right time is for your child to start competing. Tournaments can last anywhere from 2 hours to most of the day depending on your bracket size. You must stay until your bracket is complete. The average cost for a tournament is around $25-$35. Our club competes in both AAU Wrestling tournaments and USA Wrestling tournaments. Both require a mandatory membership card. The cost is around $15 each. (See Important Links tab) Singlets and headgear are required at some tournaments. Mouth guards are required for braces. It is a good idea to pack healthy food options. The concessions stands sell mostly junk food and sodas. Most parents/family members also like to bring bleacher seats/cushions. They are worth the investment! Great Bridge Wrestling Club will host 2 HOME tournaments this season. We highly encourage you to participate in these, whether your child competes or you volunteer as a table worker or in the hospitality room.

~We offer Singlets and uniforms for purchase. They will be available to order the first 2 weeks of each session.

~It takes times to learn the world’s oldest sport of Wrestling. This is one of the reasons is considered one of the toughest sports there is. You must be patient and very determined to excel in this sport.

If you are an elite/experienced wrestler (at least 1 year exp.)

~Practice will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-8pm at the Great Bridge High School Wrestling Room. Please sign IN and OUT on the log sheet at the door of the wresting room each night.

~We will compete in weekend tournaments throughout mainly VA but we do travel outside of VA a few times a year. Seeking out the best competition is the only way to be the BEST. All elite wrestlers will need to purchase both AAU membership cards AND USAW membership cards. If you plan to wrestle in the spring you should purchase the USAW card that includes the FREESTYLE AND GRECO styles. See our Youth Club SCHEDULE for a list of upcoming tournaments.

~We offer Gear Packages to be purchased. They will be available to order the first 2 weeks of each session.

~The coaches will hold wrestle offs (when needed) for our DUAL TEAM spots. We plan to compete in several Dual Team Tournaments this season.